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Areas of Expertise:
Air & Water Quality

For over 25 years we have earned the trust of thousands of people in New Hampshire. We’ve helped clients such as homeowners, realtors, and home builders, make the air they breathe and water they drink, safer.


Keeping you and your loved ones safe at home or in the workplace.

Our Professional Team has over 25 years of experience in the radon mitigation and water treatment industry. We are AARST/NRPP certified radon mitigation technicians and AARST multifamily certified radon contractors.

We provide our services to Southern, Central & Coastal New Hampshire and are committed to creating a safer living environment for you and your family.

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Company Founded

Corey Buchan is our Founder and boldly started up Advanced Radon Mitigation & Water Treatment, making sure we're ARMed to the teeth!

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The Fleet of Vehicles

As the company continued to grow, we introduced officially branded vehicles to increase our local visibility and credibility.

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Apprentice Program

With the need to increase our crew and with many seeking skilled work, we expanded our team.

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New Business Location

With our continued success and growth, Advanced Radon Mitigation & Water Treatment found a great location that didn't cost an ARM and a leg...

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Online Development

In 2023, Advanced Radon Mitigation & Water Treatment expanded their online presence, to better serve new and existing customers. You can say we have a "digital ARMory."

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